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IIRD Mission for Environment Protection & Eco-friendly Livelihood











Mission & Associated Centres

IIRD Mission for Environment Protection and Eco-friendly Livelihood

The Mission for Environment Protection and Eco-friendly Livelihood focuses on initiating efforts to protect the environment and promote eco-friendly living. The mission also encourages the use of renewable energy resources, like solar, hydro and wind energy, and use of sustainable agricultural practices. The Mission has the following centres associated with it:

 i) Centre for Natural Resource Management (CNRM)

Area of operation: Area of Operation: Natural Resources identification and maintenance, Watershed management, forestry and conservation of natural resources, Afforestation and agriculture impact management, Resources development planning and bio-diversity, Habitat management.

 ii) Centre for Environment and Climate Change (CECC)

Area of Operation: Human development and Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Climate adaptation, Climate change and development alternatives, CDM, Carbon Credit, Environment compatibility certifications and ISO.

 iii) Centre for Livelihood and Micro Finance (CLMF)

Area of Operation: Organic Farming, Agro-business, livelihood, social entrepreneurship, Small and cottage industries, trade and commerce for livelihood alternatives, intervention for commercial development.

Livelihood- Agriculture, Agro-forestry, Environment, Livestock Management and Organic Farming, Food Security , Watershed-Irrigation & Drinking Water (RO), Sanitation and Sewage treatment, Renewable Energy