IIRD Highlights

NSDC Training for Mission RIEV (Batch 2)


NSDC Training for Mission RIEV (Batch 2) was successfully completed wherein new recruits for various posts were provided comprehensive training to get them oriented to their job roles. The newly appointed functionaries will be shouldering the responsibility to bridge the gap between the lack of services/opportunities prevalent in the rural regions and that in the urban milieu. The functionaries will get to work alongside the people and communities to understand their needs and problems to provide the appropriate solutions, whilst staying close to their homes and families. The training for the appointment of Mission RIEV functionaries was through the certification programme approved by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) for which the candidates were trained using the Virtual Learning Management System (VLMS), an online platform built in-house that supports the E-Learning for the candidates, breaking the barriers of time and distance. More such opportunities have been made available for the youth by IIRD and Mission RIEV who can explore the endless opportunities to learn, grow and be a part of the development of their villages and nation.
To be a part of change and development, you can go to http://recruitment.missionriev.in/