Flagship Programme

Mission Riev


IIRD conceived Mission RIEV to usher development and prosperity in their entirety for every individual in rural regions by ensuring access to basic service support, employment opportunities, and more to one and all through strong Panchayats which are self-sustaining and independent. Mission RIEV endeavours to accelerate the development process in India and beyond, by right facilitation at Gram Panchayats' level by establishing multiple level linkages and networking.
By going through the learning experience, we are pleased to launch Version2 by evicting the hurdles experienced during the first year. The Version2 is completely IT-based with the automation of reports, processes, service volume and delivery, and revenue earned besides online real-time staff movement tool. Ten Service Divisions have been institutionalised at the state level and are being replicated at District and Block level to ensure specialised service delivery through requisite domain expertise. The Mission targets to create a positive impact during the tenure of Version2 in the lives of one lakh families in the state of Himachal Pradesh.
To know more, go to.http://missionriev.in/