Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision


The organization seeks to work through research, capacity building, technical support and institutional networking in the national and global perspective.

Our MISSION has the prominence of ushering a multitude of opportunities for people, especially the youth, through the support and guidance that we provide in terms of skill, knowledge, technical support... to make the aspirants industry-ready when they step out to make a career and build their lives. The activities that we partake in not only reinforces an individual's efforts, but also accelerates sustainable development at all the levels of our intervention.


IIRD envisages contributing meaningfully towards rapid sustainable development of people by gaining international quality standards and becoming a well-known, established and reliable destination for developmental solutions.

Till date, we have accomplished this VISION with resounding success and our efforts have echoed positively with people with whom and for whom we have got the opportunity to work. Our initiatives have affected the lives of people in more than one way with a progressive outcome in society and a feeling of satisfying accomplishment for us.