1. Why This Campaign

As the 2nd wave of COVID 19 is equally spreading to the villages, every 3rd or 4th person in the village is going to get COVID Positive. The villagers are not conversant with the required precautions and just living the life as if everything is normal. The government machineries are over occupied in managing the hospitals in cities and villages are left with precautions and care. The number is likely to be devastating if the timely preliminary treatment measures are are not taken in the villages. The SAVE THE LIVES Campaign seeks support from people. Across globe where the voice could reach for facilitating the villagers with basic life-saving supports.

2. What does it Strive for

The SAVE THE LIVES Campaign seeks support from various resource rich people / agencies / bodies and operationalize the support for the people in need in the villages. Presently, starting from Himachal Pradesh in India having around 3500 Village Panchayats, the intervention will start based on the support received.

3. Who can support the Campaign

The Corporations, Charities, Companies, Formal and Informal Groups and Individuals can support the Campaign.

4. What is the shape of the support expected

The support will be expected and accepted in two ways | In Kind - At least one Set of the following items

  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Thermometers
  • Steamers
  • (Some Life-saving basic medicines to be procured locally - All these items equivalent to around $500 from cheaper market) PLUS In Cash - Two persons' 6 months Honorarium $ 2000 for covering One Village Panchayat.
  • (OR) In cash $ 2500 for getting one set of items given at point no. 4 and the honorarium of two persons deployed for service delivery. (OR) Any contribution in cash or kind.

5. How will the support be used

Every unit support equivalent to $2500 will help us to cover one Village Panchayat to serve with regular checking Temperature, Oxygen level , etc. and offer basic medicines for cold, fever, cough, etc. besides offering steaming and external oxygen wherever required. The entire operation will be monitored by the Medical Professionals.

6. What is the broader plan to use the support

As there are around 3500 Village Panchayats and Townships, one by one will be covered as per the support availability. Two volunteers will be identified from the villages and trained for 2 days on identifying basic symptoms, administering basic medicines (only those not requiring any prescription), and use of the devices as per list besides everyday reporting on specially designed portal.

7. How can one find details about utilization of the support

The information about Village Panchayat coverage, People deployed (with names, Pics and contact number), people served everyday will be captured and posted in the specially designed page within our website i.e. /

8. Can one witness the impact on ground s well

We welcome donors to visit on site or get connected through video conferencing to see the actual impact on ground.

9. How is Donor's contribution reflected in website

The donors' contribution will be reflected in our website and there will be proper branding of the contribution of the donors (alongwith their names, pictures, amount of donation, etc.) in our website. There shall be be donors branding in social media platforms as well.

10. For further details

For further details, please mail to


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