From MD's Desk

MD's Desk and IIRD's Genesis


From MD's Desk

Since IIRD's inception over 15 years ago, we have been active in supporting and propagating developmental activities in Himachal Pradesh and all over India. Our synergistic collaboration with the Government agencies, Corporates, as well as the communities, with whom we have built a trusting alliance, have resulted in holistic progress in numerous segments of society.

IIRD's efforts have positively touched upon the lives of countless people, with a major focus on rural development. Our selfless, unhindered dedication towards the welfare of people, have been recognised and appreciated at the national as well as international level.

We started from Himachal and now IIRD has footprints in 22 states of the nation, with the greater opportunity to work and serve the nation.

Dr L.C. Sharma
Managing Director

The Genesis

In 2004 while working under the umbrella of the Hind Sewa Sangathan, it was realized to have some kind of the set up to have professional & technical support for our different interventions.Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IIRD) emerged as a technical wing of the Hind Sewa Sangathan but with functional autonomy. With the passage of time, due thrust was given on the IIRD activities and it started getting notice of the agencies for its quality delivery & the timely accomplishment of the tasks. Some agencies recognized IIRD for a few activities also. And in 2009, it was felt to make IIRD as a separate legal entity and the decision was taken to incorporate it as non-profit making organization. Finally, it got incorporated as section 25 Company under Companies Act 1956 during 2009-10. As a non-profit making organization, IIRD is dedicated in bringing rural prosperity through research & studies, training & capacity building, program implementation & technical support and institutional networking in the national and global perspective. Approved & empanelled by various Departments, Ministries & PSUs for its quality standards, IIRD has been striving for innovations in all fields of its operations and operating across the country and expanding gradually internationally. Since its inception in 2004, IIRD has been instrumental in devising innovative strategies to expand its horizon and its contribution in developing marketplace. It has envisaged its larger scope in the development sector for coming years.

Accordingly, IIRD has been engaged to institutionalize itself and build upon the competencies to shoulder the envisioned role. After the initial years of placing itself as one of the intervention agencies for sustainable and inclusive development in the varied areas of society and systems IIRD now feels that it has gained enough competency and maturity to enter into the bigger arena of development sector. IIRD has gained sharpened vision and foresight to bring lasting change in the lives of masses through training and technical consulting. IIRD has a record of having trained over 6500 persons in institutional trainings & more than 50,000 through field based orientations. Today IIRD has ten sectoral intervention units in the form of the Centers. Many of them have proved their excellence and are now working in a style and nature of an independent revenue center. Although three centers out of ten are still in infant stage, the revised strategies of IIRD have been devised to induct into the centers ample strength and prospects along with financial feasibility and stability. In the years to come, IIRD wishes to expand and diversify its operations. It is indeed a matter of proud for IIRD that it has come out from the experimenting and instrumental state to more organized and focused actions towards our vision and mission.