CSR-Innovative Developmental Models

CSR-Innovative Developmental Models

Integrated Village Development- Model Village Scheme

The integrated development planning on a decentralised basis has got wide recognition for the last decade in India. It involves a detailed assessment & plan of developmental interventions in a particular geographical area along with a road map. IIRD in association with Hind Sewa Sangathan (HSS) devised an intensive Model Village Study in Solan & Kullu districts of Himachal Pradesh. The study was unique in the sense that the action plan was devised by taking into consideration the needs and requirements of the people identified through a well-structured process. The main objective was to plan, propose and implement the developmental interventions in order to make the village as a model of development. The intervention contributes towards socio-economic upliftment of the marginalized community. IIRD perceives that a sound society is a prelude to better management of natural resources, thus in a way helps in building a sustainable natural and social environment.

Sustainable Agriculture – Watershed-Based Organic Farming

IIRD has been instrumental in implementing various Integrated Watershed Management Programmes (IWMP) & Training in the districts of Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Arunachal Pradesh. The IWMP aims at promoting integrated sustainable eco-friendly development of rural areas of India. The objective is to append locally available natural resources in an optimum manner to achieve the overall goal of sustainable development in the area. IIRD takes pride in safeguarding the health of the rural population by strategically designing and implementing various watershed-based organic agriculture in Himachal Pradesh.

Business Model on Low-Cost Mushroom Cultivation

To make agro-based practices economically viable business activities with the promotion of organic food & livelihood opportunities in the farming sector, IIRD has been initiating farming centric innovative business models through the sharing of knowledge, technological cognizance, financial resources, besides supporting Government schemes & programmes to bring sustainable economic as well as eco-friendly impact. Such an initiative is the technological intervention for a low-cost and user-friendly Mushroom Cultivation and processing in the villages of Himachal Pradesh. The mushroom industry, a recently burgeoning industry in India, is highly capital and technological intensive, which confines its adequate production and distribution. IIRD’s potential in transforming the diverse technical, human and capital resources have resulted in a path-breaking journey for Mushroom Industry in Himachal Pradesh.

Life Skill Education linked employment generation

This model was developed to impart skill education to the youths of Jammu & Kashmir to ameliorate their lives with the enhanced employment, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. The strategy involved imparting training to youths to become Life Skill Trainers in partnership with selected educational institutions nationwide. The training encompasses professional, technical and academic knowledge as well as behaviour and attitudes training.

ULB Adoption Programme for smaller Nagar Panchayats

IIRD through its Centre of Urban Governance (CUG) facilitates as a consulting agency to address the capacity and resource gaps of the ULBs through the innovative ULB Adoption Programme. ULB Adoption programme is designed to adopt small and medium size Urban Local Bodies viz. Nagar Panchayats and Nagar Parishads / Municipal Councils for cost-effective, outcome-based consultancies in order to ensure integrated development of the ULB, including infrastructure, livelihood, governance, pro-poor services, environment and disaster management, etc.

School & Industrial safety sustainable models Livelihood through tourism promotion

IIRD also indulges in various technical skill and livelihood training models to youths with an objective to create employment opportunities for the educated unemployed youths of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in the Tourism Industry. With the rapid growth of the Tourism Industry and foreign tourists in India, IIRD makes concerted efforts to promote and strengthen tourism through channelising youthful resources by providing adequate skilled training.

Employment / Self-employment based skill development

Skill and knowledge are the driving forces of social and economic growth and development of a nation. In a rapidly growing economy like India with a vast and ever-increasing population, the concern is a lack of highly trained quality entrepreneurs and for this, IIRD conducts a large number of entrepreneurship and skill development programmes. The Skill Development Programmes are conducted in associated with NSDC, Department of Urban Development, Micro-Finance Department, MSME, RITES, etc. with focus on entrepreneurship skills development & employability in the areas of Health, Education, Agriculture, Tourism, Food Processing, Production & Distribution, etc.

Need-based Interventions in Multiple Sectors

IIRD engages in various needs-based assessment and interventions through a well-designed strategy and process for determining and addressing the needs, or “gaps” between the current situation and desired objectives in a community or locality in the arena of education, health, environment, etc. The interventions rest on the active involvement of a community, local bodies and partners so that there is a positive impact on the areas of education, health, water sanitation, women empowerment, environment, forestry, solid & liquid waste management, technology adoption, watershed development, etc.

Other Need-based Activities

IIRD brings a blend of strategic planning, result based management, technical & implementation support, evidence-based research & impact assessment studies, monitoring & evaluation and capacity development expertise in Water and Sanitation, Environment, Agriculture, Rural Development and Livelihood sectors such as Research, Studies, Community Need Analysis (CNA), Development of Project Reports, Project Implementation Support, Impact Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation, Documentation, Report Writing, etc.