CSR Values and Operational Strategy

CSR Values and Operational Strategy

CSR Values

With growing importance of private sector companies over the last 15 years, Indian economy has made a significant progress. The recent growth indices indicate that private sector is growing with 7.7 percent now contributing one fourth to the country’s GDP. India’s impressive growth with vibrant Corporate Sectors alongwith their unprecedented interest and investments towards social concerns is giving rise to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. With a quest for equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth, the Corporate sectors in India are now joining forces with grassroots partners for effective deployment of resources to bring about social change.

IIRD serves as an institutional link between the corporate sectors and the community. It helps & supports partner companies in creating customized strategies for CSR initiatives aligned with the companies’ values, expertise, long term vision and goals and effectively implement for long-lasting effect on community. IIRD’s CSR values are deep rooted in its institutional backbone. With vast engagements with companies for philanthropy, IIRD envisages:

  • Treating CSR contribution as significant to carry forward the social concern & ethos of the industry
  • Fair & Transparent Dealing in Transactions, Operations & Reporting
  • Addressing the Industry motive & actual needs of the community / agency
  • Branding the Developmental Initiative with the name of the Industry
  • Sustainability & Long-lasting Association

Operational Strategy

IIRD adopts an effective strategy in implementing CSR activities while engaging with companies. IIRD provides technical support to companies in conceptualizing CSR strategy, Defining Objectives, Gender Budgeting and Effective Execution of CSR activities.

IIRD contributes in CSR activities in the following ways:

  • Conceptualising annual regional priorities of CSR interventions for the industry.
  • Addressing the company’s philosophy, values and long-lasting goals.
  • Devising CSR strategies
  • Identification of the priority needs of the community/region.
  • Suggest various solutions on social and economic problems.
  • Identification and capacity building of implementing partners at grassroot level.
  • Providing technical and implementation support of the newly devised activities as well as already planned activities by the companies.
  • Devising Quality control and Monitoring mechanism
  • Conducting Impact assessment / facilitating third party impact assessment
  • Ensuring Local Stakeholders and Community Participation mechanism.
  • Documentation, pre & post intervention photo & videos, report writing, uploading on website.
  • Providing complete support to Corporate in CSR Administration and Management.