Installation of 150 Steel Twin Garbage Bins in Shimla


IIRD has been working incessantly towards the amelioration of society and taking one step further towards this endeavour, with the support of GAIL (India) Limited, we installed 150 steel twin bins in Shimla under the Municipal Corporation. The bins installed via this project in numerous wards of the city aim to support the behavioural change in the denizens by encouraging them to practice the segregation in waste management right at the individual level.

The installation and the proper use of 150 waste bins is a positive addition to the Government of India's highly successful and equally important Swachh Bharat Mission in boosting the clean and healthy environment of the Queen of Hills.

The project outreach is over 1 lakh people and it has successfully propagated awareness and sensitized people regarding the proper waste disposal necessary for maintaining the cleanliness while also maintaining proper hygiene, especially during COVID-19 pandemic. Installed in various localities and areas of tourist interest in the city, which include The Mall, Ridge, et al, the waste bins have directly benefitted the residents, workers, shops, offices, and will surely be successful in keeping Shimla "Clean and Green".