Digital Smart Classrooms in Jharkhand


Strengthening the educational infrastructure has become the primary concern that needs to be addressed, especially during these challenging times when the world is in the grip of COVID-19. Giving impetus to empowering the education sector is IIRD’s one of the major areas of expertise, and recently we collaborated with Gail (India) Limited to set up digital smart classrooms in Jharkhand’s 80 schools.

IIRD as an implementing agency assessed and ear-marked 80 government schools across Jharkhand’s three districts – Giridih, Khunti, and Dharwad – where classes were upgraded with 80 digital smart classrooms to improve the teaching-learning methods.

The project has directly benefitted almost 24,000 students while enhancing the skill sets of the teachers. This small step in improving the standard of education will have a long-lasting impact on the lives and learning of the students over the years