Spiru Energy Bite


IIRD has been diversifying its operations to include the production of Spiru Energy Bite which is synergistic combination of Chikki and Spirulina.
Chkki or Gajak, an Indian snack which is truly delectable which satisfies the sweet-tooth and is considered healthy due to its two main ingredients of groundnut and jaggery. Eaten all throughout the year, chikki is highly popular due to its flavour and texture, if Spirulina is added to it, then the humble chikki can be transformed into Energy Chikki bar enriched with this superfood, making it even more nutritious for consumption.
Rich in proteins, the groundnut chikki’s amalgamation with Spirulina takes a notch higher which can be consumed for its numerous health benefits, which include energy, nutrition as well as better immunity, especially in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic.
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