Flagship Programme

Mission Riev


Mission RIEV (Ruralising India - Empowering Villages) is IIRD’s flagship programme which focuses on facilitating people in various segments of life to support holistic progress. RIEV is an outcome of IIRD’s continuous developmental exposure and experience of over 15 years, in Himachal and across several regions in India.
Mission RIEV’s Version 1 was launched on October 2, 2017, and was designed to ensure employment opportunities, business models, access to basic support, services and infrastructure to people. After providing incredible support and services, Mission RIEV launched its Version 2 on September 15, 2018, with major improvements and a platform which was completely IT-based.
RIEV is evolving as a tool to find feasible solutions for various needs, problems and providing services at the doorsteps of people, in the rural regions, on a low-cost basis. This programme has also been gradually working to ensure the creation of endless employment opportunities in the villages, besides giving impetus to rural production system, thereby evolving villages as vibrant centres of economy.
The struggles faced by the educated youths to find employment that suits their skillset and aptitude is also addressed by RIEV through the “Hidden Demand” and “Potential Supplies”, which can be both made available through Mission RIEV by bridging the gap between the people who are in need of support (service requirement) and the skilled youth who can bring services to their doorsteps.
Mission RIEV has emerged as a unique community intensive programme focused on knowing the problems of villagers (based on individual needs) and offering customised solutions within a given timeline on a low-cost basis.
A strong IT platform and partnerships under diverse sectors act as foundation and pillars of this programme. All Panchayat Facilitators (PF) identify the individual as well as familial problems and needs of people who are enrolled as the members of Mission RIEV, then provide customised solution and support with the help of back-end support through specially designed software and round-the-clock support from IT department at the IIRD head office .

To know more, go to.http://missionriev.in/