Flagship Programme

CSR Projects


IIRD is the first organisation in Himachal Pradesh that is working as an Implementing Agency with a number of corporates to implement the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects at the national level. The Institute has been a trusted and reliable partner of numerous corporates and companies that have collaborated with us for societal amelioration. In this endeavour, IIRD has been an active partner of organisations such as GAIL, ONGC, NTPC, and many more SMEs. IIRD works closely with the organisations to understand better the regions/societies, monitor, and implement the project until it reaches fruition.
Some of our major CSR projects as the have been –
Installation of 80 Digital Smart Classrooms, in collaboration with GAIL India Limited, in the government schools of Karnataka (40 classrooms), Madhya Pradesh (20), Uttar Pradesh (20). The project has so far benefitted 19,240 students and 80 teachers have been provided training to update their existing skills to adapt to this innovative/ interactive teaching method
Installation of 117 RO Water Purifiers in the schools of Jaggaiahpeta constituency of Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna district. The project that benefitted 12,380 students and teachers, was IIRD’s initiative which was implemented with the support of GAIL India Limited. The ROs have lowered the occurrence of water-borne disease
Installation of 12 Pattal-making machines in Jharkhand, with Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) to facilitate as many as 120 tribal women by providing them training to make pattals or leaf plates. This project paved the way for these women to earn a sustainable livelihood and a step towards reducing the carbon footprint
Construction of Sports Complex with ONGC in Karnataka’s Dharwad with international standard facilities and Indoor Stadium in Odisha’s Bolangir, in collaboration with GAIL, to provide a platform to aspiring sports stars and athletes
Providing support to Yamunotri Pilgrims in Uttarakhand under the Swachh Iconic Places via the collaborative effort by IIRD and GAIL India to ensure facilitation of the pilgrims and boost sanitation, cleanliness of the revered trekking route to Yamunotri. The project includes various aspects, such as the installation of ROs, coffee vending machines, benches, dustbins, hot drinking water stations for the mules, construction of toilets, etc