2 Years of Mission RIEV


Mission RIEV (Ruralising India - Empowering Villages) is IIRD’s flagship programme which was launched on October 2, 2017, and was designed to ensure employment opportunities, business models, access to basic support, services and infrastructure to people through facilitation in various segments of life to support holistic rural progress. RIEV is the outcome of IIRD’s continuous developmental exposure and experience of over 15 years, in Himachal and across several regions in India and on September 30, 2019, the programme completed 2 years.
Hence to commemorate this occasion, IIRD family came together to celebrate the journey of MISSION RIEV with all its great achievements, minor setbacks and most of all the valuable lessons that were learnt which will help us to move further with even stronger determination to serve people. The august event was started with the pious lamp lightning by the Senior Management Team of IIRD followed by watching the documentary of the genesis and journey of Mission RIEV. The people who have been there to witness the inception and birth of the programme shared their experience and weighed in the valuable suggestions. The event culminated on a positive note with Dr L.C. Sharma’s speech, the Managing Director of IIRD and the man who conceptualised Mission RIEV, with the hope that the hard work and support of each and every member of IIRD will act as a positive force to take this vision of providing wholesome development to the rural populace will bring about a revolutionary change.