was an effective step towards supporting environment conservation through concrete steps against pollution. The conclave which was conducted on November 20, 2019, at Tagore Theatre in Chandigarh, saw the participation of numerous renowned speakers and dignitaries who shared their knowledge and insight on the effective solid waste management as well as curtailing the practice of parali burning, one of the major factors of air pollution in north India these days.
The conclave saw different sessions which included 2 Technical Sessions where the prominent speakers were -

  • Professor R.K. Gupta
  • Dr L.C. Sharma
  • Mrs Sushma Sharma
  • Dr Neena Khanna
  • Mr Deepak Pandya
  • Mr Manmohan Kalia
  • Dr A.S. Ahluwalia
  • Dr Arun Ahluwalia
  • Dr Subhash Gupta
  • -Live Streaming of Professor MS Swaminathan’s message

The conclave propagated the profound message of the environment conservation with the presence of Farmers who also took the stage to share their side of the story and the schoolchildren to make them aware of the issue as they are the harbingers of change.
The event concluded with the presentation of Bio-Living Award to Green TV for "Best Mobilisation Practices" towards the environment conservation.