IIRD participates in United Nations' Conference


IIRD marks its presence at the United Nations' Committee for Economic and Social Council's for NGOs in New York where Dr L.C. Sharma (the Managing Director of IIRD) with Brigadier Khanna (the Co-Director), participated. The conference, which was held from January 20, 2020, to January 31, saw the participation of a number of delegates from 19 nations as well as the NGO Representatives of over 50 countries, IIRD being one of them, to discuss the pressing issues affecting the world and find feasible solutions for them. Dr Sharma got the opportunity to discuss in length the origins and working of the Institute for Integrated Rural Development along with sharing the vision behind the organisation's flagship programme Mission RIEV, how it has a potential of empowering the villages for the development at the grassroots level, and how this model can be replicated all over the world in the developing nations. In the year 2019 also, IIRD Board of Directors were invited to join the United Nations Global Conference and UNISDR ARISE International Conference in Geneva (Switzerland) in May 2019