RURAL CONCLAVE in village SHOLI, Tehsil Rampur, district Shimla, H.P. in the year 2017. The theme of the event was "Ruralising India- Empowering Villages." The three-day conclave saw the participation of renowned dignitaries from various spheres such as developmental professionals, corporate houses, academia, media, students and volunteers from different parts of the country. The event provided a platform to address the Rural Development issues and all this was organised purely in rural settings? Diverging from the trend of organising conferences, events and conclaves in posh hotels, IIRD held Rural Conclave 2017, in Sholi, a picturesque village of Himachal Pradesh Shimla district, to put light on the issues faced by the village populace and what the organisation is planning to do in order to address these issues.
The speakers of the Rural Conclave were renowned dignitaries and professionals from various spheres, such as developmental, corporate houses, academia, media, students, and volunteers from different parts of India with the expertise and experience needed to accelerate rural development in a wholesome way. The people who participated in the conclave not only got an insight into the trials and tribulations faced by the villages but also a refreshing experience of village life in an authentic environment as they got to savour the tradition, culture and delicacies of a typical Himachal village. In addition to this, there were also numerous other engaging and entertaining activities that were held to promote the idea of fraternity and unity among people who hailed from different regions and backgrounds. The Rural Conclave became a befitting platform to launch MISSION RIEV, IIRD?s flagship programme, on October 2, 2017.