Support Services in Yamunotri Trekking Route


IIRD believs in sustainable development and conservation of environment, the act which we consistently work to achieve. We have collaborated with GAIL India, under the Swachh Iconic Places (SIP) programme, to provide support services in Yamunotri Trekking Route in Uttarakhand to facilitate pilgrims in their religious endeavour.
Under this activity, toilets were set up by IIRD and the cleanliness of Yamunotri Trekking Route was carried out; garbage bins and bottle crushers have also been installed. We also made provision for safe drinking facility by setting up RO water purifiers for people along with the hot water for mules. Facilitation of the pilgrims through the installation of benches, TV, coffee vending machines is also a major activity.
All these support services also provide for the livelihood activities for the people involved in the project. IIRD, in collaboration with GAIL India, has implemented a project on cleanliness drive in Yamunotri Trekking Route in Uttarakhand to facilitate the pilgrims and preserve the environment.
As a part of this initiative, IIRD and GAIL played a vital role in organising Swachhta Pakhwada (July 1 to 15). On the concluding day of the event, various delegates, including the Senior Team of IIRD, addressed schoolchildren and the citizens of the region, encouraging them to be active participants in ensuring the cleanliness of this revered region.