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IIRD Response to COVID 19

In response to fight against Covid 19, IIRD launched an Initiative “JOY OF GIVING AND FUN OF LEARNING” under which the following initiatives were taken:

  1. Food & Medicines: The organization provisioned for quick support to all those, especially the migrant labourers, who needed immediate support like food and medicines. The clinical staff of the organization served the local communities surrounding our Office in Shimla during the lockdown period under essential services to treat people when no other support was available for getting treatment for common ailments.
  2. Supporting Farmers and Fruits Growers: The fruit growers have been suffering in the state due to non-availability of the buyers of their fruits as the buyers have not been able to commute the selling points. The organization too k initiative tofacilitate the fruit growers in procurement and marketing their produce by establishing linkages at multiple level.
  1. Starting Production of Protective Masks: The organization has started production of the protective masks in its closed training centres in Uttar Pradesh (India) by engaging all those workers whose daily wage got suspended indefinitely due to lockdown. The target is to create around 10.00 million masks and creating sustainable livelihood for around 500 people in the time to come.
  2. Launching Free Webinars on Spirituality remained as unique features of the IIRD for the people from different walks of life. Explaining the scientific features of the spirituality was an exercise to create special interest in the people towards recognizing their hidden potential and overcome the fear of life. These webinars on “Glimpses of Spirituality” have become a routine features of the Organisation being conducted on every Sunday between 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM as per IST.
  3. Specialised Webinars for Working Adults: The special webinars for the working adults are being have been planned tothrow light on the emerging needs of this age group and the topics cover; i) Are you in Middle of Struggle or Taking Responsibilities with Pride?; ii) It’s High Time to Achieve Envisaged Achievable; iii) No magnitude of Life’s Problem is bigger than the human capabilities; iv) Planning makes it happening and v) Let’s Take Joyful Ride.
  4. Specialised Webinars for Elders: The special webinars for the elders are planned to fear psychosomatic situation, mostly being in isolation. The topics cover; i) Life’s Pause for Introspection; ii) Why Fear Life; iii) Every Breathing comes with a ray of hope – LIFE; iv) It’s not tool late; and v) I can still WIN.
  5. Specialised Webinars for Adolescents (Boys): As the adolescents had an exceptional experience of remaining within four-walls at home for long duration against their routine nature of meeting, laughing and chirping with friends; the webinars are planned for giving right direction for their energies. The topics includes; i) Let the Sky Fly above- You can still catch; ii) Nature created you as SPECIAL; iii) Life Management starts now; iv) Envisioning Future And Riding Beyond.
  6. Specialised Webinars for Adolescents (Girls): On the similar lines, the separate webinars have been planned for the adolescent girls covering the topics like i) This Earth is smaller before your Compassion; ii) You only can convert Impossible to I-m-possible; iii) You are discovered as Best Manager of Life; iv) Envisioning Future And Adding Feather.
  7. Awareness through Social Media Campaign: Necessary awareness was tried to be made on precautionary measures tobe safe from Covid 19 on regular basis.
  8. Launching ONE LIGHT Campaign: A Campaign named ONE LIGHT is being launched for seeking support of the general public to support for the cause of producing protective masks and make available for those regions and people having no sufficient masks available.