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Brief Profile of Directors








Brief Profile of Directors

Prof. Gupta
 is an educationist, economist & philosopher giving vision and strategic direction to the organization. He was born on 16.02.1933 and he studied Sanskrit, especially  the Upanishads & German language. He served different educational institutions of higher & advanced education for about 30 years. His ideas on modern development, economy, Social & political structure, governance, life skills, modernization, developmental planning, entrepreneurship development and education system are thought provoking. He had been a member of various committees in government
Ms. Sushma Sharma
 is postgraduate in literature and is a development practitioner. Born on 07.07.1975, Ms. Sharma started her career as a teacher and later run an institute of management & technical education. She specializes in gender, education and women empowerment.

Managing Director
Dr. L. C. Sharma (Ph.D)
 is student of Philosophy and has been serving the IIRD as Managing Director. Born on 26.10.1972, Dr. Sharma has long experience of working as development practitioner. Having a special taste in technologies & innovations, Dr. Sharma specializes in strategic management, innovative approaches and sustainable development solutions.

Brig Khanna
has served the Indian Army for a long period and led many operations in different countries including Srilanka . He has also served National Disaster Management Authority in the capacity of Sr. Specialist (Capacity Building). He also represent ARISE India in united Nations ARISE forum on Disaster Risk Reduction in incubated by FICCI. Brig Khanna has been promoted IIRD’s affairs internationally at different forums.

J.P. Singh (Ph.D)
is known for his skills in Crisis Management & primarily as a THOUGHT leader in charge during hours of Crisis providing end-to-end solutions. MD of JPS Group since 1984. Associated in the field of CRISIS MANAGEMENT Education, Skill Development, Telecom, Retail & distribution activities, Election Technology. Owns JPS Brand, his companies have been successful in creating a special niche for the product offerings of leading Fortune 500 companies in India & during their value added export to around 48 countries across the Globe.